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- Trinity Heirlooms will come to your estate and assess its contents to plan for the
most profitable sale for you. There is no need to throw anything out. You never know what will
be of value to someone!

• Price - We will price all items and give special care to researching valuables. We utilize several
means to determine pricing, including database services for antiques. While we do not provide
appraisals, there is no cost to you for any research. We will require about two weeks to price and
set up, depending on the size of the estate.

• Organize - We will organize, clean and display all pieces to their best advantage. If needed, we
will bring in tables and display cases. We will obtain any permits, if needed.

• Advertising - There is all manner of advertising available for estate sales. And most of it is free!
We will get as much exposure as possible for your sale at no cost to you. We will post pictures and
advertise your sale on our website and our mailing list. For security purposes we will not post the address
until the days leading up to the sale.

• Running the Sale - Our team will run the sale in a professional and ethical manner. We will do
our best to obtain the highest prices for your items. We will have sufficient staff on hand to
assist with the sale and security of your items. We use a wireless surveillance system to provide security and deter theft. If needed, a security guard can be provided.

• Clean Up - After the sale we will dispose of any unsold items according to the terms that we
have agreed on, which may include donating to charity. We can also arrange for larger items to
be consigned, if desired. We will vacuum, sweep and clean counter tops in the home. If additional cleaning
or trash hauling is required, we can help with those arrangements at an additional

• Payment - We accept cash and credit cards for the sale. We will handle payment of applicable
sales tax. Payment will be made to you within a week of the sale. Our commission will be taken
from the proceeds.

Complete sale provisions will be detailed in our Service Agreement.

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